“Contacting a business should be quick and easy”

Why can’t a small business receive a text message?

51% of internet traffic is mobile

Texting is the most common use of a cell phone

But you can’t name one business that you can send a text message to!

Biz Text lets your website receive texts

Reply from your phone or online

Just $10/month

Less phone calls, better service, change your business forever

How It Works

You are given a dedicated Text Number to receive texts

Paste our code on your website and your Text Number is displayed

Texts from your customers are forwarded to your phone

Reply from your phone or online

Your customers will never see your personal cell number

Set the business hours you want to receive texts, you won’t receive texts when your business is closed

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Or better yet, you have a question about how Biz Text can make your business more efficient and easier to run.

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Why Let Your Customers Text Your Business

Customer Service that is better, faster, and easier to deliver

Texts are better than phone calls for many customer needs: appointment availability and setting, service inquiries, questions about cost, billing, address, location and hours

Many people don’t want to talk on the phone any more

Phone calls need to be answered when they come in, but a text waits for you until you are ready

Texting is fast – a text message takes 5 seconds to read, 90% of text messages are read in 3 minutes

Texting allows you to give customers quick attention without having to immediately drop what you’re doing

A text message gives you time to formulate a response, for example, to look something up

Only one phone call can be handled at a time but several text conversations can be handled at the same time

People don’t like leaving voicemail and voicemails are slow and inefficient to listen to and respond

When you do respond to voicemails, people often don’t pick up their phone – texting helps you avoid playing phone tag with your customers

Texts help you and your customers be concise and get to the point

Texting gives your customers a new channel to communicate with you

Texting makes communication with your customers more efficient which means you will keep more customers, they will be happier, and it will be easier to run your business




Pricing in USD



Sign Up
  • dedicated Text Number that is displayed on your website
  • 500 free texts a month
  • additional texts are 2 cent each
  • forward texts to your cell phone
  • reply to texts from your cell phone or online
  • set business hours to turn texting off
  • no setup cost
  • no contract, cancel anytime


You can but many people are not comfortable putting their personal mobile phone number on the internet. We don’t think that’s a good idea either.

Biz Text gives you the ability to receive texts without posting your personal number on your website. At $10 month, Biz Text is also a lot cheaper than a dedicated business phone plans.

Texts are forwarded to your personal cell phone and you can respond to texts from your phone. You can also respond to texts from an online admin panel accessed through a desktop browser.

Texts will appear like any other text message on your phone in the text messages section of your phone and are responded to like any other text message you get.

No. Your personal mobile number is never seen by your customers even when you respond to texts from your mobile phone. Your customer only sees your Text Number from Biz Text.

In addition to responding to texts from your cell phone, you can also respond to texts from an admin panel online.

Our admin panel can be accessed from your desktop through a browser. The admin panel is very well suited to a dedicated receptionist that will be responding to many texts during the day and does not want to forward numbers to a cell phone.

Here is what your admin panel looks like that will allow you to respond to texts online.


As long as your account stays active with us, this will be a permanent 10 digit number for your business only.

Yes, you get to choose your number.

You will select the area code you want and then you will be shown available numbers from which you can choose. You can also choose a Toll Free number instead of a local number for an additional $1/month.

You keep your current local phone number for your business and nothing changes with that.

The Text Number that you will get from Biz Text is displayed  separately on your website giving your customers the option to text you.

Yes, your Text Number can handle voice calls. If someone accidentally calls your Text Number instead of texting it, we will forward that voice call to your landline or any other number you’d like calls forwarded to.


If you do not have an existing landline or an existing business number, your Text Number is a the only number you need for your business as it can receive both voice calls and texts. For $10 a month, this is an extremely cost effective and versatile business number solution that gives you both voice calls and the ability to receive texts from your website which other numbers do not. Other business number solution are tied to expensive landline or business cell phone plans.

You can respond when it is convenient for you. We think the quicker you respond the better.

A business with a receptionist will likely be able to respond either immediately or within minutes. If you are a single person running your business, you might be unavailable or are tied up helping other customers, and a response of even a few hours is okay. When you are tied up helping other customers, texting will be easier to go respond to than voicemails that were missed during that time.

The speed at which you choose to respond to texts is up to you. It can vary greatly from on business type to another or from one situation to the next. In general, the faster the faster the response, the better.

The texts you receive will depend on your type of business. Here are some examples of texts from a variety of businesses.

  • Do you have any appointments for today?
  • What is the cost of your service?
  • This is Brian, I’m sorry but I can’t make my appointment today at noon and need to cancel. Please confirm this was received.
  • Is Natalie in today?
  • I have an appointment today but I can’t remember if it’s a 3:15 or 3:30, this is David.
  • This is Samantha, I was in earlier today, I need a copy of my bill, can you send it to by email?
  • I’d like to setup a time for a call. I’m free at 1pm today, are you available for a call then?
  • What time do you close tonight?

We think getting many texts is a good thing. This means your customers are happy reaching out to you by text. Texts are easier to handle than voice calls and put less stress on your business. Texts are efficient and give you the option to respond when you’re ready.

From the cost end of things, texts with Simple Text are cheap. Your plan gives you 300 free texts per month and additional texts are only 1 cent each.

You are asked to set business hours for your business. When someone texts you on off hours, a message is automatically sent back to the customer which reads:

‘We’re sorry but our business is now closed. We will respond to your text on our next business day.’

You can still choose to reply to the customer if you like but at least, they have received this message letting them know your business is now closed.

While it not must that you announce your Text Number and the ability to receive texts to your existing customers, it helps to do so and we think it also makes your business look good.

Announcing that you can receive texts on Facebook, Twitter or to your email subscribers lets them know they can do so and it shows that you are making your business better by giving them easier and more convenient ways of letting them communicate with your business.

We suggest putting your Text Number on your contact page and anywhere else your current number for voice call is displayed. 

The texting option on your website will appear as:

Text Us: 555-666-7777

  1. Sign up and pay.
  2. Copy the code we give you, paste it into your website.
  3. Your customers can now text you.
  4. Reply to text from your mobile phone or online.

Yes, we will help you if you’re having problems.

Biz Text is easy to setup and involves pasting code into your website. If you are still having difficulty after we’ve tried to assist, if you give us access to your website, we will get things setup for you.

You can cancel anytime, Biz Text has only month to month plans. 

If a plan is cancelled, there is no further obligation. If you do cancel, your Text Number will no longer be available to you after the last month you paid for has passed.

Biz Text is currently available only in the United States and Canada but we will be expanding to other countries soon.

The Biz Text plan gives you 300 texts a month give which is about 10 texts each day.

If you exceed 300 texts in a month, you will only be charged 1 cent for each additional text. For example, this means you if sent another 1,000 texts above your free 300 texts per month, this would cost you another $10 bringing your total for the month to $20.

You can cancel anytime, Simple Text has only month to month plans. 

If a plan is cancelled, there is no further obligation. If you do cancel, your Text Number will no longer be available to you after the last month you paid for has passed.

Biz Text is currently available only in the United States and Canada but we will be expanding to other countries soon.