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Receive Texts from your WordPress Website Through Contact Form 7 Forms

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The Text Message SMS Extension for Contact Form 7 by Biz Text integrates the Biz Text REST API within the Contact Form 7 plugin. You can now receive texts from your visitors and receive email notification texts through forms created using the Contact Form 7 plugin. You can receive texts and emails from your forms, or only Texts. Take your customer service to the next level by installing our free plugin.

Respond directly from your website with the Text Message SMS Plugin for WordPress, send texts to anyone, even if they have not visited your website or sent you a Text before.

If you want an easy-to-use contact form plugin with hassle-free setup, why not use the Text Message Contact Form Plugin by Biz Text? It comes with pre-made forms that you can get up and running in less than 5 minutes.

  • 'Easy' - Install, be ready to get Texts in minutes
  • 'interface' - Integrates and uses contact form 7 functionality
  • 'SMS Tab' - adds to contact forms admin settings
  • 'Receive' - Your visitor send Texts from your contact form
  • 'Texting Dashboard' - Receive and Reply from your Texting Dashboard
  • 'Forwarding' - Receive & Reply from a mobile phone(s)

How the Text Message SMS Extension Plugin Works

Install/Sign Up

Install the free Text Message SMS Extension for Contact Form 7

Sign Up and choose a Biz Text Number ( a 10 digit regular phone number)


Enter you Biz Text Id and set global settings

Customize and set SMS for a form in the Biz Text SMS tab

Reply to Texts

Reply to text messages you receive in your Texting Dashboard (or from inside your plugin with the free Text Message SMS Plugin) or your mobile phone

Configure to Receive Texts with the Text Message SMS Extension

illustration of a monitor showing the Biz Text SMS form in contact admin

Text Message Contact Form Plugin Admin Settings

Our extension adds in your admin, a global Integration settings page, and a tab to your contact forms to allow for Texts. In the tab, you customize your Texts and enable/disable to receive an email notification text. Be ready in minutes with our easy to follow step by step turorial.

Configure a form to receive Texts

Use tags from your form to configure and set up messages

Customize an autoreponse Text to your visitor

Get a Text only or a Text and Email

Receive and reply to Texts on Texting Dashboard or mobile phone(s)

Allow for a Text notification of an email so you can reply quickly

Receiving a Text from a Contact Form with the Text Message SMS Extension

Want to try it, have questions, or need help, send us a message to see how it works! Give your visitors the option on how they will receive a reply. In this example, we use Contact Form 7 – Conditional Fields along with the SMS Extension Tutorial to show and hide the fields needed.

Fill out the form and choose how you want us to respond, either by Text and Email, Text, or just Email.


We will reply by both text and email

We will reply by text to your mobile phone

We will reply by email

Send a Text only with the Text Message SMS Extension

Want to try it? Send yourself a Text from Biz Text. Send your visitors a Text with links, information, and more. This example Text uses Contact Form 7 special mail-tags, information outside the inputted message (submissions, post related, site-related, user-related). For registered uses, display just a “Send Me A Text”, send them a text with their account number using a user-related special mail-tags.

Input your phone number and send yourself a Text from us!

Receiving & Replying to Texts

Illustration of a Monitor with arrows to and from a mobile phone held in a hand

Messages Seen on Texting Dashboard and Mobile Phone(s)

Respond to texts from your Texting Dashboard, or you can forward those text messages to your mobile phone(s) and respond there. Receive, Reply, and Send from your WordPress site with our Text Message SMS Plugin.

Assign users with their own login

Set hours not to receive Texts

Messages replied from one mobile seen by all

Forward to one or more mobile phones

Personal cell number kept private

Reply wherever you are as long as you have your phone

Plugin Screenshots

Screenshot of Biz Text Integration page and global configurations

Global configuration settings for all Contact Form 7 forms.

screenshot of Biz Text SMS tab

Specific contact form customizations found under the Biz Text SMS tab.

Screenshot of a form blank, then filled, then a Texting Dashboard

Example of form submission displayed in the Biz Text Dashboard.

About WordPress and Our WordPress Plugin

WordPress is the world’s most popular website content management system and is run on over 22 million websites. WordPress has a market share of 60% of all content management systems and is run on 33% of all websites.

But surprisingly, we found the existing plugins to help you send text messages on WordPress, either non-existent or dreadfully inadequate. This is perhaps not surprising when you think that business has not caught up to text messaging.

The Text Message SMS Integration for Contact Form 7 Plugin by Biz Text makes it easy to receive text messages from your WordPress website through Contact Form 7. Install our free plugin, choose an affordable plan and start Biz Texting today in minutes.

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