How Biz Text Works

Biz Text makes it easy for your business to receive a text message.

When you sign up you choose a ‘Biz Text Number’ – your Biz Text Number is a local phone number or a toll free number that you pick from numbers that are available. Your Biz Text Number will allow you to receive text messages and even voice calls. Display your Biz Text Number on your website or post it on Facebook and other social media.

When your customers text that number, you receive those text messages on an online Texting Dashboard or they can be forwarded to one or more mobile phones.

Replying from an Online Dashboard

With Biz Text, texts messages can be replied to from a PC, you don’t need a mobile phone to reply to text messages.

Showing the Biz Text Texting Dashboard receive and reply to Texts.

Online Texting Dashboard - Receive and Reply to Texts

The online dashboard is particularly suited for a dedicated receptionist or Customer Service staff that needs to respond to texts quickly from a full PC keyboard and avoid typing on a mobile phone.

The Biz Text dashboard also lets you send a text message to a customer if the customer has never texted you first. Replies from that text message you send are received in the dashboard and they will also be received by a mobile phone if you have chosen to do so.

Replying from a Mobile Phone

Texts can also be forwarded to one or more mobile phones. This means you can reply wherever you are as long as you have your phone.

Checking your business text message is easy because they come in to where all your text messages come in. Your business texts are denoted as such letting you know they are from your business.

If you choose to forward to more than one mobile phone, if anyone of the mobile phones responds to the inquiry, all other mobile phones receive a copy of the reply text to let you know the issue has been handled.

You can set your business hours – during off hours, your customers will be automatically texted back letting them know your business is closed and you’ll respond the next business day.

Your Biz Text number can also handle voice calls.

So Why Can’t I Just Use My Own Mobile Phone Number?

You can use your own mobile phone number… but you may want to rethink that. There are also advantages of using a Biz Text Number.

Posting your own mobile phone number on the internet is not a great idea. This means your customers, or anyone, even any robots on the internet, have your personal cell number. They can also call you at anytime.

Even if you do publish your own personal mobile, you can’t reply from an online dashboard nor can you forward your texts to other cell phones.

With a Biz Text Number, you can do all this and your customers never see your personal phone number.

Biz Text is Expensive Right?

No, Biz Text plans are affordable and straightforward with no contracts and you can cancel anytime. Select a pay as you go or a simple monthly plan. See our pricing page for more details.

Is Biz Text for Every Business?

While any business can use Biz Text, only businesses that are able to respond to texts should adopt Biz Text. Meaning, you have to respond to the texts you receive.

Your customer service will need to respond to texts. Sounds simple and it is… but you need to realize that this is new communication channel that will need to monitored and taken seriously as a customer is on the other end.

You will need a mobile phone, a computer, or tablet to receive texts. The faster you respond to text, the better.

How fast do I have to respond!

That depends on the type of business… and what level of service you want to give.

A dental clinic with a dedicated receptionist will hear a ding on their PC when a text comes in. They may be able to respond immediately or, if they are busy, as soon as they become free.

A sole proprietor that has been in meetings or otherwise unavailable may respond in a few hours. Still better and easier for everyone with a text than a voicemail.

The speed of response can vary but the faster you respond, the better it is for your customers… and the more likely you are to get, or keep that customer.

The texting wave is coming to businesses. We believe that in 5 and 10 years, you will be able to text many businesses. Biz Text is in the business of making it easy for you to be on the edge of that wave and receive text messages from your customers.

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